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 Do you have dishwashers? Do you have a bowl dish that is not bright and greasy?  Yuzhan technology detergent drier to help you solve your troubles! 
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Yu zhan technology co., LTD. Foshan

Registered address: one of 9 sha bu zhong road, sha chung village, lishui town, nanhai district, foshan city, guangdong province

Total number of employees worldwide: nearly 500

brands: Yu Zhan technology

major trade areas: Chinese

Chinese resident representative: huang manager

Telephone: 0757-85615175

Yu zhan technology co., LTD. FoshanIs a collection research and development production and sales in the integration of professional cleaning detergent manufacturer, factory devotes to the star hotel school social catering enterprises kitchen detergent in the field of food processing food and drier products production and sales for the main promotion Royal exhibition science and technology as the best restaurant dishwasher detergent, parity, high-grade quality, quality assurance, with "consumption province effect is good," marketing network throughout all parts of the country, products enjoy high reputation not only in the domestic, and sells in distant markets overseas Royal exhibition technology has a group of experienced chemical scientific research personnel, and with the United States the German chemical industry giants such as to establish a close strategic cooperative relations, so as to make the royal exhibition in product research and development of science and technology with technical support and quality stability of the high-end imports of high-grade raw materials supply, in order to promote the technology of product royal exhibition technology bingzhi the enterprise mission, the character integrity and good values rooted in the enterprise culture, constantly complete the enterprise brand strategy planning Royal technology company has been to become the domestic five-star hotels designated brand suppliers As the mission, through the ISO9001:2015 quality management system certification, ISO14001:2015 environmental management system certification; We should standardize the production process, produce good quality products based on the good production environment, and strictly require ourselves by international standards to become the most trusted partner of our customers