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 Do you have dishwashers? Do you have a bowl dish that is not bright and greasy?  Yuzhan technology detergent drier to help you solve your troubles! 

 Regular service

In order to help customers get the best clean disinfection effect and effectively control the cost, the royal exhibition service representative will be on a regular basis for regular service of science and technology Our services include checking for the customer the following aspects: 1. The cleaning effect of dishwasher. 2. The dishwasher operation flow 3. Dishwasher mechanical state of 4. The workings of the distributor After service and puts forward effective on specific not good place suggested our service personnel will be managers to discuss with customer, in order to solve the problem as soon as possible And our service personnel will also be associated with customer engineering and technical personnel, to discuss questions about preventive maintenance of equipment

Contingency Service

Yu Zhan technology to provide clients with comprehensive all-weather free products after-sales service and product quality tracking professional consulting services Any issues about technology or clean, welcomed the call 24-hour service hotline: 0757-85615175 we are happy to provide professional advice or information for your reference Our service and you need to be synchronized, 24 hours a day with service for you


From the actual cleanliness of the customer's bowl, customize the exclusive cleaning solution